Data-Collection For Retention

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This paper will describe the data-collection and data-analysis needs for a program to increase the retention rate of adult learners; subsequently, there will be an inclusion of strategies to be utilized in succeeding collection. There will be a description of communication needs with stakeholders that will include strategies to meet those needs. Data-Collection for Retention The data-collection for a retention program includes addressing the causes of attrition. Adult learners will fall away when there is no immediate need to learn, if learning is not relevant, if they feel threaten because of their learning style, or if the learning is not applicable to other areas. Adult learners need to be able to utilize the program information immediately…show more content…
The quantitative analysis will disclose how the adult learners are responding to the retention strategies utilized to gauge improvement in their learning experience. Asking adult learners to evaluate the usefulness of the program on a scale from one to five with five being the most useful in a survey format will confirm the usefulness of the program. Asking questions associated with retention on a survey can also determine the usefulness of the program. Does having time to study during class prior to an exam help to prevent you from becoming distracted during your preparation? This would be an example of a question on a survey to determine the usefulness of a…show more content…
They will be given date data showing that the rate of adult learners leaving their programs during the first thirty days are high; thus, this information will be gathered from the generated ten percent report that is based upon the contact hours of a program. There will be a calculation of attendance presented to the stakeholders showing that there is a substantial amount of adult learners leaving their program midway or prior to mid-terms. This information will be disclosed to the stakeholder from the evaluation of the quantitative analysis. The stakeholders will have the opportunity to note the need for programs to provide immediate usefulness, relevancy, student engagement, and their ability to connect their learning experiences. As an evaluator the delivery of the report is the beginning, continual gathering and feeding data to the stakeholders will continue until there is a resolution (Spaulding, 2014). Programs geared toward these will be implemented at the beginning of the program, midway and prior to completion of the program to ensure retention. Conclusion This paper described the data-collection and data-analysis needs for increasing the retention rate of adult learners; subsequently, there was an inclusion of strategies utilized in succeeding collection. There was a description of the communication needs for the stakeholders that included strategies to meet those
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