Data Collection: Improving Patient Medication Communication

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Data Collection: Improving Patient Medication Communication Introduction In order to improve patient education regarding their medication, a quality improvement project has been designed to educate nurses on techniques for effective communication. One evidenced-based process to improve medication education and communication is utilizing the teach-back method. This educational method has been shown to improve patient knowledge and retention of information (Nurit et al., 2009). The Joint Commission, American Medical Association, National Quality Forum, American Nursing Association, and the Health Literacy Collaborative have recommended implementing the teach-back method to provide effective communication to improve protection of patient safety (Iowa Health System, 2014). The teach-back method involves educating patients about a topic and having them repeat back in their own words what they understand about the topic. By using this method, the instructor can decipher the patients' understanding of the topic. If patients cannot repeat back the information or are incorrect in their answer, this then alerts the instructor that they require more information and education. The teach-back method has been found to improve patient outcomes and protect patient safety (Weiss, 2009). Type of Data Collection The toolkit's Teach-back Observation Tool, which contains measurements of the ten essential elements of teach-back competence, will be used to assess the baseline and
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