Data Collection Instruments And Sampling Procedures Essay

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This chapter will focus on the research design, study area, study population, sample size and sampling procedures, data collection instruments, validity and reliability of data collection instruments, data analysis techniques and ethical considerations. 3.2 Research Design According to Williams (2011), a descriptive survey study helps to gather data at a particular point in time with the intention of describing the nature of existing conditions, identifying standards against which existing conditions can be compared and determining the relations that exist between specific events. The study will adopt a descriptive survey research design. (Cresswell, 2014) recommend the design to collect data in order to answer questions concerning current status of the subject in the study. Surveys can be used for explaining or exploring the existing status of two or more variables at a given point in time. The design will enable the researcher to have a wider coverage and comprehensive description of the observed characteristics and interrelationship in the target population. Descriptive survey design will enable the researcher to collect original data for the purposes of describing and measuring the characteristics of a population, which will be too large to be observed directly. The design will be selected because it is very convenient in collecting substantial amount of views from respondents over a wide area (Lippert et. al, 2015). Therefore, the variables that will be studied will
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