Data Collection Techniques And Methods

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Data Collection Techniques Staci Shockley Applied Research LS 698-01 Kaplan University September 21, 2015 Running head: DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES 1 DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES 4 DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES Data collection techniques Data collection is a very essential aspect in all research studies. Normally, inaccurate data collection methods tend to have a very big impact to the results of the study and this eventually leads to invalid results. The data collection techniques in many cases vary along a continuum, for instance at one end of the continuum are the quantitative methods and techniques while of the other side are the qualitative techniques for data collection (Kuada, 2012). In both qualitative and quantitative techniques, there are there are various methods used for data collection. In qualitative research for instance, the various data collection techniques used include interviews, observations, and focus group discussions among other techniques. In this case, however, the most appropriate techniques especially in the qualitative research are focus group discussions and interviews on the other hand. Interviews Focusing on interviews as a qualitative method, it comprises of structured, semi structured as well as unstructured interviews. The structured interviews are largely verbally administered questionnaires. Usually predetermined questions are asked, the questions have no variation, and they have no scope especially for follow up questions
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