Data Collection and Analysis: Questionnaire

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Data Collection and Analysis


The research carried on both quantitative approach and qualitative approach. It began with quantitative approach—questionnaire. Bryman and Bell (2003) asserted that mail or postal questionnaires are most popular forms of questionnaires. Another form—self-completion questionnaire was also common because of the overlap with postal questionnaire to some extent.

The questionnaire was self-completion questionnaire which sometimes is named self-administered questionnaire. It is to say that respondents completed the questionnaires by themselves (Bryman and Bell, 2003). The research conducted an online survey though a professional website called ‘survey monkey’. There is no doubt that it is a
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Besides, the participants all knew about Shanghai. Some of them were born in Shanghai. Some of them were studied in Shanghai from primary school. Some of them worked in Shanghai for several of years. Their information was showed as the table below:

Group Number Name (Anonymous) Age Situation
1 Julie 25 Born in Shanghai Rae 26 Born in Shanghai Tina 27 Work in Shanghai Christiana 25 Study in Shanghai
2 Grace 25 Study in Shanghai Chen 25 Study in Shanghai Sarah 27 Work in Shanghai Yao 27 Born in Shanghai
3 Ting 29 Work in Shanghai Iris 26 Study in Shanghai Lulu 28 Born in Shanghai Jenifer 27 Born in Shanghai
4 Jiang 24 Born in Shanghai Sofia 22 Born in Shanghai Ivy 23 Study in Shanghai Vicky 23 Study in Shanghai
5 Michelle 24 Work in Shanghai Jiao 22 Born in Shanghai Si 22 Study in Shanghai Yi 24 Work in Shanghai
6 Sissi 23 Study in Shanghai Wen 21 Study in Shanghai Flora 22 Born in Shanghai Ya 23 Born in Shanghai

Generally, every focus included four people and took 30 minutes to 40 minutes one time, because most of participants preferred to do a short focus group and a few participants. They said fewer participants and shorter time could make them more focus and gave more natural and emotional answers.

The six focus groups were conducted in different places. Three of them were conducted in the restaurant. The participants in these three groups were almost office women who were25 to 35 years
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