Data Communication : Unit Standard 6852 V7

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Describe Data Communication
Unit Standard 6852 v7
Level 4 Credit 4
Research Projects Assessment Task 1: Data communication types historically used, developments leading to Local Area Network, current data communication, and trends from emerging developments. Communication among humans has always been there from the very start and the modes of communication developed as they moved further apart from each other. The early centuries records of people messengers who were used to transport messages as fast as they could. Pigeons were trained to transport messages. There is indications that Heliographs were used for serious signaling purposes. A code book was issued by the 16th century for British navy including flags with different meanings to communicate during the war. Then there were watchman who had the responsibility of data transmission. There were various ways of transmitting data without the help of electricity (Holzmann and Pehrson, 2015).
The age of electric telegraphed information came into picture in the late 1800’s when the first Trans-Atlantic cable was laid. The basic elements of Morse code were used. “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.” These were the first words spoken by Alexander Graham Bell while working with his invention, the telephone. The wireless telegraph was a major breakthrough in the development of broadcast communication (Holzmann and Pehrson, 2015).
The turn of the nineteenth century saw the invention of tele typewriter. Tele printer

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