Data-Driven Analysis C207 Wgu Task 2 Essay

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Forecasting the Future Female Veteran Population and Their Increased Use of the VA Medical System - VPT2

Data-Driven Decision Making - C207
August 12th, 2015

Forecasting the Future Female Veteran Population and Their Increased Use of the VA Medical System

The use of the Veterans Affairs medical care system has significantly increased over the last decade due to two recent wars and an aging Vietnam Veteran population. As females have been accepted in all roles into the military, their population within the military has progressively multiplied over the last three decades. Since females in general typically use healthcare at a higher rate than their male counterparts, it is necessary to ascertain if the female veteran
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This data also specifies how many veterans are in each specific age group as well as identifies how many veterans in each age group are either male or female. The second set of data helps to organize the first and subsequent sets of data in order to determine the number of current female veterans that use VA health services as well as what percentage within in each age group uses VA health services. The third and last set of data points specifies the current number of military personnel and identifies those personnel by age group and gender. The second set of data provided the total number of female veterans that currently use the VA for medical care. Additionally this second set of data provides the percentages of each age group that use the VA. This second set of data provided the needed information to make calculations along with the first set of data in order to compare the percentage of each age group from the total number against each percentage from the age groups of those who use the VA. A graph visually presenting these numbers can be found below:
Note: Adapted from Department of Veteran Affairs, Veteran Population, The States Age/Gender Data Set, 2014 and Department of Veteran Affairs, Sourcebook: Women Veterans in the Veterans Administration, 2014. This chart shows that the female veteran population is growing with each generation. Additionally it shows that younger female
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