Data Drives My Classroom Instruction

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Data drives my classroom instruction. I have learned over the years that assessments comes in various forms. When I began teaching, I thought assessments meant test, right or wrong, passing or failing, pre and post. I never consider assessing students throughout the lessons, using rubrics, creating portfolios in addition to formative and summative assessments. Once I learned to assess students continuously, my teaching changed drastically. I was able to make adjustments to student’s learning immediately and mastery was reached. To begin, reliability and validity in teacher-constructed assessments is crucial in assessing student achievement. Local and state test must be reliable and valid in order to effectively measure student achievement. One way to ensure if assessments are reliable and valid is a Table of Specification. The table of specification guides my decisions based on how many days were spent teaching certain objectives which are ultimately what is assessed. According to the Table of Specification, my instruction should align in a balanced assessment with six lower level and six higher level questions. Three of my higher level questions stem from one objective in which will be included into each daily lesson making this my most heavily weighted objective. Students need a balance in instruction as well as assessments. “Linking classroom assessments to tables of specifications also guarantees consistency and thoroughness” (Guskey, 2005, p. 38). In the end, when
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