Data Encryption Plays a Key Role in Technology Essay

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Data encryption is the key role in current and future technologies. Many public key cryptography algorithms were presented depending on a specific mathematical problem. It is desired to communicate data with high security over insecure network. Due to sensor technology biometrics has lead to rising concerns about the network security, privacy, trust issues and accuracy. Hence, securing biometric template in public network is great challenge. Because once it is compromised or stolen it cannot be revoked. In order to provide remote biometric authentication these systems incorporated with cryptography and primarily focused on template security, revocability, privacy, accuracy. The system is secure in the sense that the biometric are going to…show more content…
At present, various types of cryptographic algorithms provide high security over public network. To improve the strength of these security algorithms, a new security blind authentication protocol for remote authentication is designed using combination of iris features.
Public acceptance of biometric systems has a critical impact on their success due to their potential misuse of biometric data. Unlike passwords and tokens, compromised biometric templates cannot be revoked and reissued. Therefore it is illegally acquired by an attacker, not only the security of the system is at risk but the privacy and the security of the user may be compromised forever too. So granting template security is one of the most important issues in practical. The need of protecting user sensitive information locally and performing secure user authentication remotely become more increasing.
Bio-Cryptography is emerging as a powerful solution to provide template security which can combine the advantages of conventional cryptography and biometric security. Cryptography is the science of converting data in non understandable form for the unintended viewers, for securely transmitting messages. A cryptosystem is a system of algorithms for encrypting and decrypting the messages for this purpose [2]. The conventional security
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