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Discuss the importance of data accuracy. Inaccurate data leads to inaccurate information. What can be some of the consequences of data inaccuracy? What can be done to ensure data accuracy? Data accuracy is important because inaccurate data leads may lead to such things as the closing down of business, it may also lead to the loosing of jobs, and it may also lead to the failure of a new product. To ensure that one’s data is accurate one may double check the data given to them, as well as has more than one person researching the data they are researching. Project 3C and 3D Mastering Excel: Project 3G CGS2100L - Section 856 MAN3065 - Section 846 | | 1. (Introductory) Do you think Taco Bell was treated fairly by the mass media…show more content…
2. Reynolds were at arm’s length they did not believe that the FDA would be able to keep up what they proposed, Altria was cooperative for they believed that the bill would pass any way the difference between the two is that one saw that the bill was going to pass and just wanted to make sure cigarettes as a whole wasn’t banned. 3. Television advertisements, Rolling Stones Magazine, store displays 4. I don’t think that it alone will stop it but I think it’s a step in the right in direction for this along with other strategies will lead to the stoppage of teen smokers. MAR1021 - Section 816 Listed here are three different products in various stages of the product life cycle. What marketing strategies would you suggest to these companies? (a) Canon digital cameras--growth stage, (b) Hewlett Packard tablet computers--introductory stage, and (c) handheld manual can openers--decline stage. The product manager of GE is reviewing the penetration of trash compactors in American homes. After more than two decades in existence, this product is in relatively few homes. What problems can account for this poor acceptance? It may be due to deletion the product could have been dropped from the company’s product line and it could be harvesting in that they only have those limited

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