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In this spread sheet the purpose of the data was to show the forecast of Humber Computing Solutions for the period of one year for three different services/products. The data represents the income from each product/service and total income and the same for expenditures. There is also a section that shows the amount of hours clients had issues with products/services and what was offered back to them as a way of compensation for any income they could have lost to no fault of their own. The data was supposed to be easy to read and understand by whoever was using the data sheet the graphs and charts were well displayed on their own pages rather than having them all squashed to fit one page.
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There are seven graphs in this data sheet and each one represents something different the graphs were created in contrasting colours to make them easier to read. Clicking on the incomings link at the top of the page takes the user to one graph that represents the data of total monthly incomings on a month by month basis which is a blue and white colour line graph. On the same page there is a black and blue coloured graph which data represents the growth in storage incomings over the year. The next set of graphs is on the expenditures page the first graph indicates the cost in wages monthly to be paid to a project manager to run the contract this is shown in a black and multi coloured 3D stacked type graph. The next graph on the page is an area graph that is black and multi coloured and illustrates the maintenance costs for the three products/services being sold, there is also a piece of smart art that was used to show the total years income and expenditures on a balance scale with income outweighing the expenditures.
This data sheet has automated routines to allow the user to change and manipulate the core data and the outputs (graphs). If the user deletes the data for wages and inputs their own the data the sheet has been constructed in such a way the graph will automatically change without user intervention.
The construction will work the same for all graphs in the data sheet. In the

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