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Week 1 Lab: Implement Hashing & Encryption for Secure Communications Learning Objectives and Outcomes Upon the completion of this lab, students will be able to perform the following tasks: * Apply common cryptographic and hashing techniques on a message to ensure message confidentiality and integrity * Verify the integrity of the output of common cryptographic and hashing tools to determine whether an encrypted message is legitimate or whether it has been modified * Use and create an MD5 sum or SHA1 hash to generate a unique hash for data to assure the integrity of the data * Relate how a change to the data impacts the hash and why it is important to check the hash provided before executing or unzipping a binary…show more content…
Mailstream Manager features gateway mail servers that sit at the firewall to control gateway ports and machines. It only allows authenticated users to relay messages from outside the firewall, based on specific lists of domains, hosts and users that are allowed to send mail. 4. If you are using corporate e-mail for external communications that contain confidential information, what other security countermeasure can you deploy to maximize confidentiality of e-mail transmissions through the Internet? TLS encryption secures server-to-server email transmission by encrypting the email channel. 5. What is the difference between MD5sum and SHA1sum hashing calculations? Which is better and why? MD5: 128-bit/16-byte digest. Somewhat faster than SHA. SHA: 160-bit/20-byte digest. More secure because stronger against brute force attack 6. Where can you store your public keys or public certificate files in the public domain? Is this the same thing as a Public Key Infrastructure (KI) server? you can import or export certificates from any of the folders in the certificate store. Additionally, if the private key associated with a certificate is marked as available for export, you can export both into a PKCS #12 file. 7. What do you need if you want to decrypt encrypted messages and files from a trusted sender? PKI – Public Key Infrastructure 8. What encryption mechanisms are built into Microsoft

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