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1. Tracy Kidder conveys the historic computer development competition between Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Data General in The Soul of A New Machine mainly through chronological events; however, he refers to past events to delve deeper into his point and prove his conclusions. While Kidder tries to deliver the story mainly through a neutral perspective, he tends to reveal Data General’s side of the story with a focus on its employees’ stories causing a slight bias towards Data General. Kidder continuously references “some years back” (Kidder 23), revealing that he may be looking back and analyzing the events that occurred. His focus is also primarily on the events that occurred and the people that influenced them; thus, Kidder briefly mentions the exact year of each event by passing over it with short syntax: “It was 1976” (Kidder 35). In addition, Kidder tangents off to flashbacks of previously mentioned events or situations that occurred significantly before the…show more content…
Tom West, a key person behind Data General, has his character developed throughout the story primarily through the use of pathos. In the background, Kidder initially uses “you” multiple times to connect the reader with the situation at hand and contrast West to the other people on the boat by describing the others as “lonely child[ren]” (Kidder 4), as in those who feared the boat journey ahead. West, on the other hand, is described as cheerful and ecstatic to be on a boat journey from Maine to New York. Kidder then uses sensory details like “his bony elbows” and “sleeves rolled up in precise fold, like the pages of a letter” (Kidder 28) to depict his physical appearance, so readers can better understand his mannerisms and personality, especially in a work setting. In addition, anecdotes about the regular roast parties West hosted, where “his face all lit up” and was “funny and warmhearted” (Kidder 53), further adds to his intricate personality that contains solemn and outgoing
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