Data Governance and Activities Table Essay

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Data governance is one of the disciplines that have evolving definition. It is the organizational bodies, decision rights, rules, and people’s accountabilities together with information system that perform data-related processes. Different organizations have different management structure depending on the specific need of their organization. Moreover, you should know set of activities in formal data governance plan. The table below shows these activities, their descriptions, and their contribution to a data governance program. Data Governance Activity Description Importance of data governance activity to data governance program Data governance council This is a group of people is responsible for presenting data management goals as well as…show more content…
Educating the data governance council’s member There are several training are needed at the beginning of every organizational program. Some of the training will also take place only when it is necessary. It ensures that that there is no revision upon the decisions made by the data governance council. Moreover, this will prevent concurrent efforts collisions that can exist in an organization since the members received proper training. Identifying and involving stakeholders This involves the use of the RACI approach This allows several people to be involved in data governance process. Moreover, the organization leaders can go an extra mile of Soliciting leadership from taking part in data governance processes (Chapple, 2013). Eliminating Jargon Institutional jargon is a roadblock towards the consistence data definition’s creation. For those who do not have any knowledge in jargon, this can be confusing. This will encourage the organization to come up with informed administrator standards to eliminate the jargon in their data governance project. It is important to know that organization should have consistent and reliable data governance activities. This will ensure that data governance practices become better as the organization grows. The data governance activities mentioned above will also promote unity in the organization since every staff has his own roles and for him to perform these
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