Data, Information, And Knowledge And How They Are Important Part Of The System

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Students Name: Marsil Hana
1. Describe the terms Data, Information, and Knowledge and how they are related to each other.
Data: is a collection of facts and studies, it can be thought of as a description of the world. For example, when I say I have brown hair, hazel eyes and live in Chicago, those are all data.
Information: information is much more refined data, because it evolved to the point where it can be useful and helpful to study a certain case or form of analysis.
Knowledge: it is basically what we know, maybe insights and facts that we’ve learned in our life, or some experience that we applied to data and information.
In my opinion, they are related to each other because everything started from facts and our knowledge on specific topics and facts, and it all evolved to information and helpful data.

2. Describe 5 components of the database system and why they are important part of the system?
1- Data: it’s very important because most companies and organizations generate, store and process large amounts of data.
2- Hardware: it’s also an important component because we store our data in the storage devices like CD, DVD, floppy disk, and all the important parts like the processor and memory.
3- Software: it consists the DBMS that acts as a bridge between the user and DB. It also interacts with the user through application and programs.
4- People: users are the human beings that need the data and information to help them with their daily lives and work by interacting
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