Data Into The Computerized System

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Name: Thi Ngoc Anh Nguyen Student ID: S71565 Set up and operate a computerized system FNSACC406 Assessment 3 Describe the steps to be taken prior to inputting the data into the computerized system and how you would go about implementing the new system. • The steps to be taken prior to inputting the data into the computerized system: - The first step: you will need to set up your company in your accounting software system. Look for company tab. Then, you fill in your company name, your company address, ID number and etc. - The second step: you need to establish a list of your customers and your suppliers in the system. You must fill in name, address, as well as the terms for your customers and your suppliers. - The third step: You need to establish a list of your employees on the system. You need to fill in employee’s name, address of employees, tax information such as Tax File Number (TFN) and etc. - The fourth step: you can personalize your company bill in most software packages. You can add your company logo, change the field around or eliminate some things that you think it is redundant if you want. • For implementing the new accounting software system, you need: - Implementation planning - Software installation - Accounting system configuration - System training Implementation planning: is the first important step of your project decisions have been made or not. Discuss and identify the information from the old system to planning is needed in the implementation of the
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