Data Leakage Detection System For Cloud Based Storage Systems

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Data Leakage Detection System for Cloud-based Storage Systems

K.Haritha+ M.HariPrasad+ D.LakshmiTeja + CH.ManiTeja+ *G. Rajesh Chandra *Assistant professor, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, K L University, India. B Tech, Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, K L University, India

Abstract: In this age of cloud computing the incidences of theft/leakage of valuable, sensitive data is on the rise. Data security has gained greater significance than ever before. This paper attempts to deal with the problem of data leakage and its detection, a rising phenomenon especially in big organizations. We are all too familiar with stories of data loss from laptop theft, hacker break-ins, and backup tapes being lost or stolen, and so on. It is possible only by Data Leakers, who usually are authorized persons. The identification of the Data Leaker is very big task. In the past methods such as Watermarking and fake data addition were used to identify leakers. But in such methods reliability, consistency is very low and largely incompetent in the present age. Thus a sophisticated system to confront such activities with reasonable competence is highly essential. This paper proposes a highly effective system employing various techniques to cleverly detect data leakage and the leakers.
Keywords: Watermarking, Guilty party, Forged Data.
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