Data Management And Quality Control Essay

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Data management and quality control To ensure internal validity of the study, we employed trained research assistants who at the time of the study were registrars in psychiatry as research assistants. They had also received 2 weeks training on the research proctocol. The interviewers had equal level of training and have been involved in similar studies. A 3 days of debriefing and review of all protocols was carried out prior to the commencement of the study. All questionnaires were fully anonymized and reviewed for completeness and all data went through extensive data-cleaning process. All data were electronically stored and had regular backups. Regular meetings were held with all members of the research team, during which conflicting and unclear issues were discussed and rectified Data Analysis The data obtained was cleaned and entered into statistical package for social sciences, version 16.0 Software (SPSS 16), which was also used for data analyses. The sociodemographic characteristics of participants in the two at baseline were compared using Chi2 statistic. The association between sociodemographic characteristics and ASSIST score between the two groups was also determined using independent t test. Also, associations between an additional DSM IV axis I diagnosis (dual diagnosis), chronic general medical conditions and tobacco abstinence at 6 months were explored using Chi2 statistics and binary regression analysis. Treatment Effects In order to determine the

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