Data Management, Data And Information Quality For Big Data?

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type of data, and it has a massive amount of processing power, and can handle a boundless number of jobs or tasks. Data Management, Data ingestion, Warehouse, and ETL provides features for effective management and data warehousing for data managing as a valuable resource. The Stream computing features pulls streams of data and then streams it back out as a single flow and then processes that data. Analytics/ Machine Learning features advanced analytics and machine learning. Content Management which features document management and comprehensive content lifecycle. Integration features the integration of big data from any sources with ease. Data governance which is a compliance solution to protect the data and comprehensive security, and…show more content…
Making it a friendlier drag-and-drop graphical interface that would automatically generate the fundamental Hadoop code. The Talend tool includes components for leading Apache Hadoop software’s like HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig, and Sqoop.
Talend's Hadoop-leveraging big data quality functionality has made it possible for data quality management across an organization or business entire enterprise. Talend Big Data Platform distributes data quality features that include Data profiling, Data standardization, matching and cleansing, Data enrichment, Reporting and real-time monitoring, and Data governance and stewardship (Big Data Quality: Talend Hadoop Data Quality & Management 2017).

The challenges of data quality and data quality assessment

High-quality data are the precondition for guaranteeing, using big data and analyzing. Big data has a quality that faces many challenges. The characteristics of big data are the three Vs Variety, Velocity, and Volume, as explained in the what is big data section of the paper Variety of data indicates that big data has a different kind of data types, and with this diverse division puts the data into unstructured data or structured data. These data need a much higher data processing capability. Velocity is the data that is being formed at and unbelieve amount of speed and it must be dealt in an organizational and timely manner. Volume is the tremendous volume

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