Data Management and Assessment Question

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Which of the following has (have) the broadest impact on an organization?
Decisions about data.

Assessment Question 3.25
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Which of the following is not a reason why managing data is difficult over time?

New systems are developed.
The media the data are stored on becomes problematic.
New sources of data are created.
The amount of data increases exponentially.
All of these are reasons why managing data is difficult over time.

Assessment Question 3.26
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Not including alphabetic characters in a Social Security Number field is an example of _____.

Data isolation.
Data integrity.
Data consistency.
Data redundancy.
Application/data dependence.

Assessment Question 3.27
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Assessment Question
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The data in a data warehouse:

are updated constantly in real time. are updated in batch mode, approximately once per day. are not updated. are purged constantly as new data enter. are available for MIS analysts, but not users.
Assessment Question 3.53
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The process of moving data from various sources into the data warehouse is called:

uploading. extracting, transforming, and loading. online transaction processing. master data management. online analytical processing.
Assessment Question 3.54
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Compared to data warehouses, data marts have which one of the following characteristics?

They cost less.
They have longer lead times for implementation.
They provide for central rather than local control.
They contain more information.
They are more difficult to navigate.

Assessment Question 3.55
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_____ is a formal approach to managing data consistently across an entire organization.

Database management
Enterprise information management
Data warehousing
Data governance
Data mart
Assessment Question 3.56
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_____ provide(s) companies with a single version of the truth for their data.

Data warehouses
Data marts
Master data management
Enterprise information management
Assessment Question 3.57
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Organizations are turning to data governance for which of the following
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