Data Mining : A Social Nuisance And Cost Our Society Dearly

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Abstract Data mining can be used to model crime detection problems. Crimes are a social nuisance and cost our society dearly in several ways. Any research that can help in solving crimes faster will pay for itself. About 10% of the criminals commit about 50% of the crimes. Here we look at use of clustering algorithm for a data mining approach to help detect the crimes patterns and speed up the process of solving crime. We will look at k-means clustering with some enhancements to aid in the process of identification of crime patterns. One of the most challenging problems facing crime analysts is that of identifying “crime series” which are sets of crimes committed by the same individual or group. Detecting series’ of crime can be an important step in predictive policing, as knowledge of an ongoing pattern can be of paramount importance towards stopping it. This easy to implement data mining framework works with the geo spatial plot of crime and helps to improve the productivity of the detectives and other law enforcement officers. It can also be applied for counter terrorism for RAW.
I. Introduction

There are lot of crimes that remained unsolved, the reason for such a problem lies in lack of knowledge about different crimes and their correlation with each other. There are cases when patterns and relations existed between different crimes which couldn 't be detected manually within a stipulated amount of time and hence caused more harm and damage. Manual prediction of a…
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