Data Mining And Association Rule Mining

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2. Background and Literature Review
The purpose of this chapter is to show an in depth review of the topics, areas and works related to the research presented here. we conduct a brief but comprehensive in depth review of data mining and association rule mining approaches and techniques, followed by a focus at interestingness & quality, and redundancy issues related to association rule mining. This review sets the basic work for our research and the proposals made here.
2.1 Data mining
Data Mining technique is the result of a long process of studies and research in the area of databases and product development. This evolution began when business data and companies was stored for the first time on computer device, with continuous improvements in access to data and more newly, produced technologies that allow users to navigate during their data in real time. Data mining is a approach that help to mine important data from a large database. It is the technique of classification during huge amounts of data and chosen out relevant information during the use of certain advanced algorithms. Like more data is collected, with the amount of data doubling every one years, data mining is becoming an more and more important tool to convert this data into information. Data mining takes this evolutionary process behind retrospective data access and navigation to prospective and proactive information delivery. Data mining is very useful and ready in applications in the business group…
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