Data Mining And Social Networking

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Abstract - In the Data mining process, we can identify the patterns in the data that is hard to find using normal analysis. Several Mathematical and statistical algorithms are used in this approach to determine the probability of the event or scenario. The main aim of this process in terms of technical representation is to find the correlation amongst the attributes. There is a huge amount of discovery being carried out in this field creating a huge scope and jobs in this area. Several data mining algorithms are present that could determine different features present in the data that could lead in prediction and future analysis. Main Study report would consist of these algorithms that could help us predict and some sample data that we have analyzed based on algorithms available.

One of the most demanding areas in Data mining is Social Networking. Social Networks is creating a large amount of data daily. Facebook, twitter all these sites creates lots of posts, tweets. These data has correlation amongst the different attributes. The main scope here in these areas is to predict the future results based on past data gathered, interpret the pattern. In the long run, predicting the data can prove helpful to social networking organizations, as such a large data can’t be analyzed by human beings, so data mining algorithms can prove helpful. Furthermore data mining is also used to reduce the error rate in decision making. Social Networking has applications in visualizations,…
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