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Indiana University Health – A Cerner data warehouse in 90 days - Case Study
Name: Goutham Para
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Q1: Describe the original data warehouse designed for Indiana University Health and its limitations. Please describe the new data warehouse and the differences between each?
The original data warehouse structured and designed for Indiana University Health is traditional enterprise data warehouse. They
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Data warehouse has different concepts of data. Each concept is divided into a specific data mart. Data mart deals with specific concept of data, data mart is considered as a subset of data warehouse. In Indiana University traditional data warehouse is unable to create large data storage. Further it shows any errors and imposed rules on data. The early binding method is disadvantage. It process longer time to get enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to initiate and running. We need to design our total EDW, from every business rule through outset. The late binding architecture is most flexible to bind data to business rules in data modeling through processing. Health catalyst late binding is flexible and raw data is available in data warehouse. It process result by 90 days and stores IU data without any errors.

Q3: While this case study supports a specific data warehouse product, please locate another case study from another data warehousing Software Company and explain the data warehouse that was designed in that case study?
TCS Company provided a solution to one of its client for changing hardware and software to existing database presented in client’s data warehouse for reutilization. Client is leading global provider for offering communication services, it delivers solutions to multinational Companies and Indian consumers (Tata consultancy). Company implemented a solution by replacing the existing hardware and software with TATA Company data warehouse
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