Data Mining, Harmony Achieved

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CB-SVM’s and Data Mining, Harmony achieved. Vamsi Karthik Vadlamani Abstract With the advent of machine learning and its potential in getting best out of any application, even the data mining played the game of harnessing the power of machine learning. Needless to say, SVM is one of the very powerful and revolutionary algorithms in the field of machine learning due to its efficiency in classifying. In this report, my concentration mostly lies in discussing the applications of SVM in Data mining and analyzing the performance. Data mining is very important and essential technique in the field of analytics. The principle being extracting use full information from a massive data source and using it as an input for improvement or development. When we have a huge amount of data and equally less amount of information, data mining is one technique that enables to get better information out of the data. However, it 's not very easy to do the analysis part on huge datasets, and hence machine intelligence is introduced into the field of data mining. Introduction Many statistical and machine learning algorithms have been employed to solve the problems of data mining and pattern recognition. However, SVM, being based on a strong mathematical foundation was very actively developed classification and regression methodologies due to their robustness. The SVM is known for its margin maximization and systematic nonlinear classification via kernel tricks. SVM was not
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