Data Mining Is The Practice Of Examining Large Databases

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Data mining is the practice of examining large databases in order to generate new information. Basically that is saying that personal information is being collected through a variety of means and methods. The process of data mining includes; regressing, modeling, clustering, summarizing, and classifying. From the research that was conducted, it was found that regression maps the data to a specific “prediction variable.” Modeling was found to describes the reliance between different variables. Clustering was described as identifying a fixed set of “clusters” that would “describe the data.” Summarizing was defined as, “finding a compact description for a set of data.” Classification was found to classify a piece of data and put it into a predefined category (Kantardzic, pg 3). The most known audience that is exposed to data mining is the consumer. Whenever someone is making a purchase they are providing information about themselves, whether they understand what it is being used for or not. When a consumer is at the point of purchase most of the time they are asked for their zip code, phone number, or email address. This information is taken and stored and sometimes sold to other companies, usually without the consumers knowing or permission. Another way companies can collect information from their consumers is by the use of rewards cards. Rewards cards are used at the point of purchase for a very minimal benefit to the consumer, but a great benefit to the company. This is
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