Data Mining Problems

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CIS 501: Information Systems for Managers
Data Mining Problems
Problem 1: Data-Based Decision Making
Problem 2: Market Basket Analysis: Association Analysis
Problem 3: Market Basket Analysis: Concept Tree/Sequence Analysis
Problem 4: Decision Tree
Problem 5: Clustering/Nearest Neighbor Classification
Problem 6: Clustering Problem 1: Data-Based Decision Making
Supermarket Product Placement
Suppose that we are responsible for managing product placement within a local supermarket. Our shelving units have 6 shelves each and are numbered from 1 to 6—with 1 being the lowest shelf and proceeding upward until the highest shelf is assigned the number 6. While there are many placement options that we should
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Answer: This allows you to visualize and determine every piece that will be required to complete a deck After we were able to build this concept tree, we also perform sequence analysis on our past purchase data and have found strong support for the following sequences of purchases. Deck -> Outdoor Furniture -> BBQ Deck -> Flowers/Landscaping
How can you use this information?
Answer: You can use this data for upselling and cross-selling

Problem 4: Decision Tree
In the past, your company’s loan department paid their staff to analyze the credit worthiness of individuals—i.e., to decide whether or not an individual should be approved for a loan. Over the years, a large amount of data was generated related to this process. The data set contains information about the applicant, about their loan, and whether the individual met their responsibility to pay the loan back with regular monthly payments. This data has recently been used by data mining processes to look for patterns that determine an applicant’s credit worthiness. The following decision tree was produced as a result. How can you use this decision tree?
Answer: The decision tree would allow the staff to quickly make a decision about whether an individual is credit worthy
Receivables: How could this concept be applied to a different scenario?
· What is typical of a company’s handling
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