Data Modeling Concepts

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Data Modeling Concepts COM 660 Data Modeling Concepts Following document explains what are data models and the importance of data model. Building a good data model helps organizations in software development, data base design and product maintenance. The document explains the theory, even if it looks like the organizations are spending substantial amount of resources on developing data models, but still it helps organization, keeping the costs low and build a better product. Database constitutes of data structures and is represented by conceptual data structures. Data models are abstract models which is required to define how data can be consumed and put to effective use. The main reason why construction of data model is required…show more content…
Data item includes all elements that exist to define components of configuration items. Examples include employee details, course details or student grade details. Data Items have a number of attributes, and is related to a single configuration item. Relationship Items defines relationship between two configuration items, or two data items or between a configuration item and data item. Examples include employee relationship with courses schedule, courses schedule relationship with students and students’ relationship with grades. Relationship can be one-to-one, one-to-many or in many-to-many form, depending upon how the business functions are setup. Why is Data Modeling Important? Data modeling is the most critical aspect development process. Developing data model is very expensive in terms of labor, time and future business process. Even if there is time crunch or pressure to deliver the project, still data modeling should be done, before any other database development activity happens. Databases should not be built without data model. Same as it is not viable to build a house without blueprints. Projects can go terribly wrong if the process is not being followed and would cost in terms of money time and loss in profit. The primary goal of the data model is to ensure that the all data objects required by the database are analyzed and planned to represent it
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