Data Of Different Data Types

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Section- 1. Introduction Data of different data types such as text, audio, video are present in large amounts in multimedia databases .Ordering or retrieving such date is quite tedious and time consuming. Hence there should be an efficient indexing mechanism for easier retrieval of such data objects. There are various indexing techniques. The paper presents various efficient indexing techniques multimedia database comparing and contrasting them. Section- 2. The time taken by query to retrieve the data in multimedia database is very high when compared with normal databases that do not contain multimedia files. This is because of the indexing structure used in databases. The regular indexing model is not exactly suitable for the multimedia…show more content…
This approach is dynamic and allows for efficient retrieval of data items without any basic indexing structure as progressive query is used. However the progressive Query gives optimal result only under progressive query condition. Even noise in the audio or video is not considered in the database. In the current industry, uses of digital libraries have increased rapidly leading to the growth of multimedia data. Hence it is really difficult to access the huge amounts of data. There is need for an efficient approach to organize the data and access the data in really short span of time. This system [4] follows a tree structure to index the data and access every node. The nodes are divided leaf nodes and non-leaf node, leaf node having information of its distance to the nearest neighbor, dimensional features of the node itself. It is implemented as arrays of information, containing the address to leaf nodes and minimum distance to the neighboring nodes similar non-leaf node. In this way the nodes are arranged and indexed, used as indexes to make searching easy. In the approach nearest neighbor can be accessed easily. Since single indexing is used for entire system, the same indexing can be used for both inserting and deleting. It also works in high dimensional environment. The
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