Data Processing : Image Processing

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1.1. Introduction to broad area of research
1.1.1. Image processing: Image processing is a methodology to perform some operations on an image, so as to urge an enhanced image or to extract some helpful data from it. It is treated as an area of signal processing where both the input and output signals are images. Images are portrayed as two dimensional matrix, and we are applying already having signal processing strategies to input matrix. Images processing finds applications in several fields like photography, satellite imaging, medical imaging, and image compression, just to name a few. Basically Image processing includes the following steps:  Reading the image via image acquisition tools like cameras, caners etc.  Analysing and manipulating the acquired image to have enhanced quality and locate the data of interest;  Output in which result can be altered image or report that is based on image analysis. Originally image processing is proposed for space exploration and biomedical field. But later on with the increase in use of digital images in everybody’s lives it considered as powerful tool for arbitrarily manipulating images to gain useful information. It defined as the means of conversion between human visual system and digital imaging devices.The main purpose of image processing are listed below: 1. Visualization - Observe the objects which are not visible. 2. Image sharpening and restoration - To increase quality of image. 3. Image retrieval –
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