Data Processing Systems And Storage

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Information Security refers to the characteristics and conditions of data processing systems and storage, to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability. Consider security aspects means a) know the danger, b) classify and c) protected from impacts or damage in the best way possible. This means that only when we are aware of potential threats, aggressors and their harmful intentions (direct or indirect) against us, we can take appropriate protective measures so that it is not lost or damaged our valuable resources. In this sense, computer security is for the protection of information against threats or hazards to prevent damage and to minimize risks associated with it. Risk management is a method to identify, analyze, evaluate and classify risk, later to implement mechanisms to control it. In its general form it contains four phases: Analysis: Determine the components of a system that requires protection, weaken their vulnerabilities and threats that endanger, resulting to disclose their degree of risk. Rating: Determines whether the risks encountered and the remaining risks are acceptable. Reduction: Defines and implements protective measures. In addition it sensitizes and enables users according to the measures. Control: Analyze the performance, effectiveness and compliance measures to determine and adjust the deficient measures and sanctions noncompliance. The whole process is called policy-based security, institutional norms and rules, which form the
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