Data Protection Act 1998 and Broad Based Hr Essay

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Assignment The main purpose of my current job role is the responsibility for processing all aspects of the Company’s payroll from start to finish and providing HR support to the other members of the team to ensure the effective day to day running of the HR function. This includes assisting with the recruitment of new staff and maintaining personnel records relating to employees in compliance with relevant legislation and regulation. To successfully undertake my role a wide range of skills, knowledge and behaviours are required. The two professional areas Insight Strategy and Solutions and Leading HR are the heart of the profession and are the most important to all HR professionals. Very important is to understand the Company’s HR…show more content…
To be effective in my role I need to refer to eight behaviours: 1. Curious- to be open to trying ideas reflect, analyse and test them and insight with others, take on board change, implement changes to payroll system and procedures try new ides 2. Decisive Thinker – analyse payroll data to ensure details and facts are correct, complete and consistent; use experience, standard procedure and common sense and knowledge to solve payroll problems while recognising limits of experience and authority within the organisation 3. Skilled influencer – understand how to influence within the culture, governance of performance framework and politics, identifying the key points to communicate on any interaction, selecting the right message and audience 4. Personally credible – improving own experience, knowledge, skills shearing it with colleagues, considering how to add value and ensure expertise is developed, accept and act on feedback on own performance to both criticism and praise 5. Collaborative – passing information promptly, keeping colleagues up to date, support them in their day-to-day work, handle disagreement as they occur, seeking a constructive solution, showing respect for diversity 6. Driven to deliver – identify the steps to achieve agreed tasks, goals and objectives in the immediate or short term, keep track of own progress, keeping deadlines or inform others when targets can’t be met, deliver to expectations and commitment,

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