Data Security : An Outlook On The New Cryptographic Algorithm

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Data Security …

An outlook on the new Cryptographic Algorithm


Data security has been a prevalent issue and there were many academic and institutional researches that are carried out to identify potential solutions that could help in mitigating the risks of data security challenges. Cryptography has been one of the techniques that has been adapted for data security management, and in this research review, the focus has been on one of the new cryptographic algorithm that has been proposed for file transfers and the paper has been reviewed in detail to understand the process of the proposed new algorithm, the depiction of the test results which show that the proposed technique is better performing than the DJSA and AES methods of encryption. A detailed review of the research paper has been conducted and the conclusions have been detailed in this research report.
1.0 Introduction
In the trends of rapidly emerging technological trends, it is essential that the organizations are adapting to the emerging trends to improve the overall efficiency, performance, and deliver enhanced quality in the products and services they offer. Majority of the organizations are focused on improving the information systems and the enterprise applications they use to handle their business operations and effectively manage to deliver quality results to the customers.
One of the major challenges which the companies are envisaging in the recent past is about the

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