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INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 10 Data Security Who has access to your tax data? Nikki Davis Abstract In this tax season, when billions of dollars and tons of personal information is relayed to and from the government, it's more than disconcerting to hear that the Internal Revenue Service is still struggling to keep private information secure. The purpose of my study is to improve the safeguard of taxpayers’ data at the Internal Revenue Service. Due to the fact that firewalls are in place and transaction monitoring is also in place; yet, taxpayers’ data is still being exploited. It seems that the problem lies in the character of some of the employees. It is not such much that the background checks are not in depth, they are not…show more content…
MEMPHIS — An Internal Revenue Service employee in Memphis has been indicted on charges of filing false tax returns and stealing data from the agency. The U.S. attorney’s office said in a news release today that Farrah Jones of Memphis, who was hired as a tax examining technician in 2001, used the data for returns she filed for herself and others. Prosecutors said Jones obtained dependent information from IRS files and used the data on tax returns she prepared, knowing that the taxpayers were not entitled to claim these dependents. This allegedly occurred for a year ending in February 2007. She was arrested Thursday and released on $5,000 bond. Another issue is browsing where taxpayer data is researched for personal purposes i.e. revenge or other actions. UNAX is the code of conduct concerning unauthorized access. There are many UNAX violations case pending today. One case in particular is about s former employee who looked up data on celebrities and his neighbor just for the sake of doing it. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- An IRS employee was sentenced Wednesday to three years' probation for taking a look at the tax files of almost 200 people, including famous actors, local sports celebrities, and his own next-door neighbor. John Snyder, a 56-year-old tax agent in Covington, Ky., also must pay $1,000 and complete 60 hours of community service for sneaking a peek at the records of actors including Kevin Bacon, Alec Baldwin, Sally Field,

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