Data Sheet Analysis for Kafka's Metamorphosis Essay

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Noah Watkins
Analysis of Major Works
Major Works Data Sheet

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| |Details of the setting (include changes in setting): |
|Author: Franz Kafka |The entirety of the novel takes place within the confines of the |
| |Samsa's apartment, save for the final paragraph, where the family |
|Date of Publication: 1915 |goes off to
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For some this may cause a lack of interest in the | |
|book, as we never feel fully entranced. Kafka demonstrates this | |
|throughout, as he talks about the metamorphosis as a normal incident. | |
|Stanley Corngold writes: "The Metamorphosis is dominated by an | |
|aesthetic intent. The intent to literalize a metaphor produces a being | |
|wholly divorced from empirical reality" (9). The Metamorphosis is | |
|simply trying to come to terms with Gregor's literal metamorphosis. | |
|Finally, Kafka begins his sentences normally enough, but by placing the| |
|past participle at the end, he creates a snappy, surprising ending.. | |
|This is much more apparent in the original German than in the English | |
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