Data Suicide Case Study

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1.Based on the data in Figure 11.1, what would have happened if we had used a common regression line to predict suicide risk in all three age groups? If a common regression line was used to predict suicide risk in all three age groups, then it is likely that the test would overpredict the risk of suicide in young clients, while underpredicting the risk of suicide in older patients, for the middle age clients it would be a slope bias. This is just one reason why sub groups should not be presented before test administration. If the test overpredicts then it is unreliability because the inaccuracy serves as a threat to the reliability and validity of the research. 2. Assuming we did use the same regression line for all three groups, which…show more content…
7.Can a test that is determined to be biased still be a fair test? Alternatively, can a test that is determined to be unfair still be an unbiased test? Yes, a test that is determined to be biased can still be a fair test and a test that is determined to be unfair can still be an unbiased test. Test bias and test fairness are two different things but they have the availability to be potentially related concepts. 8.Describe the process of back translation. Why is back translation insufficient to guarantee equivalence? In the process of a back-translation test are translated by bilingual individuals from English to the target language, the test is then retranslated back to English by other bilingual individuals. This translation is insufficient to guarantee equivalence because it seems as though the test is being alter to cater to the culture instead toward what it was initially developed. If a student was taking the GRE in Spanish in hope of getting accepted in Yale, this is a disservice to Yale because the test is being catered to the person culture which can greatly impact their score. 9.Provide an example of each of the four types of test equivalence identified by Lonner (1990). Content equivalence – An example of content equivalence would be to use basketball language in a test that is given to basketball player. The respondent is able to identify the content of the test. Conceptual equivalence- An
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