Data Table Results On Resistor Value And Signal Strength

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Data Table

Figure 1. Data table with the collected results showing resistor value vs signal strength.

The signal strength (last column) was calculated using the following formula.

V = counted squares (Second column) * (CRO volts per cm (Third column) * 10 ^-3)
10^-3 can also be written as E-3.
E-3 is used since the results are being changed from millivolts to volts.

An example of this is as follows.
V = 0.2cm*(5mV * 10^-3)
V = 0.001V


Figure 2. Graph showing the data results with a logarithmic scale of 10 on the horizontal axis.

Figure 2 uses a logarithmic scale to show the data collected in a way that can be visualized. If the graph does not have a logarithmic scale, most of the data bunches up onto the left side of the graph. This makes it very hard to see what the data is showing.

Interpretation (explain your results using science concepts)

LiFi is the sending and receiving of information in the form of light (LiFi, n.d.). This experiment replicated this by making two circuits. The circuit which sends the information can be as simple as an LED, this can be seen in figure 3. However, to control the information which the LED is sending, a different circuit needs to be made. This circuit is similar to figure 3 but with the addition of an audio lead. This circuit can be seen in figure 4.

Figure 3. Sending Circuit with only LED.

Figure 4. Sending circuit with audio…
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