Data Visualization And Information Technology

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TDWI is a research division who focuses on high-quality educational research on business intelligence (BI), and data warehousing. TDWI conducted a report which was designed to “educate technical and business professionals about new business intelligence, technologies, concepts, or approaches that address a significant problem or issue.” They also mention how users could discover data relationships that are hidden behind unappealing data structures by using data visualization software’s. These software’s don’t necessarily have to be used by professionals who have been working with business intelligence and analytics for a long time. They are designed to also be used by “nontechnical” individuals who have the curiosity and interest in…show more content…
Them taking out time of their day and stopping what they are doing just to answer question and explain, showed me that they really wanted me to get the best out of this internship and valued me being part of the team. I would give this internship and my managers an A, no doubt about it. This internship made me realize exactly what I want to do after I graduate. I want to be a financial analyst, and if all goes well, after the two-year internship at the bank, I would love to get a full-time offer by the bank and become a financial analyst and stay in the same department. Working with the people in my team is truly a great opportunity. The bank’s culture is what I would want any institution’s culture to be. One aspect the bank seems to value and try their best to make as great as possible is the diversity and inclusion of the employee’s. It is a very diverse community and it makes me feel very welcome. One other benefit if I were to be hired as full-time is that if I want to pursue graduate school, I would be reimbursed. At this moment, I know that I eventually want to go to graduate school and pursue my masters, but I’m not exactly sure if I want to get it right after I get my undergraduate degree or wait a couple of years. But just knowing the fact that I have that benefit of being reimbursed, gives me more motivation to continue my education. My vision after I graduate is to become
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