Data Visualization and Healthcare

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Data Visualization and Healthcare Lutalo O. Madzimoyo University of Maryland University College Turnitin Score 7% Abstract This research will examine the impact of data visualization as a megatrend on the delivery of healthcare. Information technology will have a profound impact on the healthcare industry in the digital age. Data visualization tools and methodology represent a reimagined way for individuals who receive healthcare to connect with data that will substantially change the way they will understand their health, maintain wellness, and receive healthcare services. Data visualization tools will also impact how patient information is shared, diagnoses rendered and treatments designed based on model integrated visual data…show more content…
According to Steurbaut, et al. (2013) query limiting is a technique used by developers to filter searches within a database by establishing program parameters for searches that are designed to optimize returned results. One way a search within a database may establish parameters is by limiting the sources from which information is drawn during queries (Steurbaut, et al., 2013). Query results will then be optimized because the information is drawn from the most relevant sources. The COSARA imposes such limits on query results. The information to produce the image of infection is drawn from the “Microbiology from the laboratory, DICOM images from the hospitals PACS server, Clinical data from the CIS, and Meta data provided at time of antibiotic prescription” (Steurbaut, et al., 2013). Data visualization empowering Prevention and control: COSARA example A great benefit of data visualization technology like COSARA within the healthcare industry is that the computer generated image empowers physicians to see how an infection might be affecting the patient. Physicians can determine the contagion level and establish controls (Steurbaut, et al., 2013). It is not only information about the patient that the infectious image delivers, but how the disease may be spreading, the speed of the spread, and any concentrated areas of infection within the body. This kind of knowledge greatly informs the approach within ICU to treatment, depth and breadth of knowledge about
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