Data Vs. Data Support Instruction

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Data supported instruction is information that is derived from homework, small group conversations, classwork assessments, oral responses and every other classroom interaction. Data is not the annual review, but it is a whole approach to teaching. Data helps teachers understand their students. It is with this information that an educator can create and teach their lessons. The more information a teacher is able to obtain, the more beneficial it is to her. Data supported instruction provides a snapshot of what students know, what they should know and what can be done to meet their academic needs.
During this program, I have learned that the use of student’s data guides an educator’s lesson. It is their road map on either to slow down, pause or move forward and to what degree. Since data is the concrete information that allows the teacher and student to know where they are at, it is imperative to pay attention to it. During my student teaching, Ms. Parisi (teacher I work with), has used her collective data as a platform to either confirm whether or not her students received the targeted learning outcome. For instance she send home a math review packet with fifteen math question. Ms. Parisi realized that fifteen out of the twenty-two students got the same two problems wrong. That afternoon, instead of her proceeding on to the next lesson, she taught a mini lesson that reflect those two math questions. Although the class had worked on this type of problem in class, it was…
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