Data Warehousing Fundamentals For It Professionals

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Running head: Summary and Review of Data Warehousing Fundamentals
Data Warehousing: Data Warehousing Fundamentals for IT Professionals
Paulraj Ponniah

Summary and Review
Department of Computer Science, Engineering, and Physics
University of Michigan-Flint

Below is a summary of the book “Data Warehousing Fundamentals for IT Professionals”, written by Paulraj Ponniah. Data Warehousing Fundamentals was written in June, 2010 containing 544 pages in its first edition, published by Wiley India Pvt Ltd and the edition type of this book is student. The author has above thirty years of experience in the field of IT and he has command over the design and implementations of database systems. Dr. Paulraj Ponniah has
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Since the first version of “Data Warehousing Fundamentals”, many corporations have implemented data warehousing systems, in addition to implementation the great benefits are notice. Many more enterprises are in the process of adopting this technology.
Author Ponniah divided the book into six major parts such as; Overview and Concepts. Planning and Requirements, Architecture and Infrastructure, Data Design and Data Preparation, Information Access and Delivery, and the sixth one is Implementation and Maintenance.
First 3 chapters of the book are written in a way that beginners may get clear view of the basic concepts. First chapter described the need regarding strategic information, information crisis, and that the data warehousing is a better solution for information crisis. Features and components of Data warehouse, along with the concept and need of metadata is described. Various trends in data warehouse are mentioned by the author based on his own industrial experience. Areas like Continued growth in data warehousing
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