Data Warehousing System for Miller Inc

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Design document Support for need of data warehousing Miller Inc. requires a transaction processing system since the volume of transaction has increase beyond the normal capacity for performing server and disk bound tasks which are associated with querying and reporting. Miller Inc.'s system utilizes servers and disks that are not used by the transaction processing system. Therefore a data warehouse will provide the quickest way to process transactions within a reasonable amount of time. It also allows for less server and disk resources to be utilized which is expected to reduce the transaction processing time considerably and thus help in speeding up the system overall. It is also expected that running queries and reports which normally use up a lot of the limited system resources will be speeded up since the data warehousing architecture uses separate servers and disks for querying and reporting. The data warehousing system will also allow the company to use a data model and server technology that speeds up querying and reporting. This is because these will not be included in the data processing time thus allowing the company to use a modeling technique that does not slow down or complicate the transaction processing system. The data warehouse will also allow the company to use a bit-mapped indexing system as their server technology in order to speed up query and report processing. Technologies for transaction recovery will also be employed to speed up transaction
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