Data and Communication

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Databases and Data Communication

BIS 320
September 16, 2013
Lisa Ricks

Databases and Data Communication Databases are great when you want to create a model of data such as numbers for figuring out how much you can spend on a new home when you are in the buying marketing, you can use excel to figure out how much you can spend and a monthly payment. You can also use a database to track of shipping components from a trade show that you are in charge of. You can use a database to organize the information about the components and equipment that will make a booth work and run properly at the trade show to.
First a company must understand the relationship between the data they want to keep track of, in the scenario
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In the second scenario, I am managing a hand full of employees and I need to make some decisions on how to run my company’s technological functions with the emphases being on the computer network first. Several of my employees work from home; I need to keep this in mind when setting up my network. I need choose between a LAN (local area network) and a WAN (wide area network). The LAN is a network connected at a single site verses a WAN network which a network connected between two or more separate sites. Since I do have employees that will be working from home I need to choose the LAN network because the employees can get into the network through wireless connections.
So this information has answered another question about the network set up for my business, it does need to be wireless. Wireless will make the setup of the office a little easier because there will not be a need for a lot of wires running from computer to computer. A wireless modem would work for my business. Everything would be connected through an ISP (internet service provider).
There is a need for security as well to ensure that all data input and output are protected within the company. The clients need to know that the information is protects which creates a need for a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN uses the
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