Database Analysis : Database Management System

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A database could be as simple as an alphabetical arrangement of names in an address book or as complex as a database that provides information in a combination of formats. For example a library can be considered a database because a library stores books therefore it is a database of books. But computer databases collect information and organize such to enable efficient retrieval in formats such as electronically, graphically, audibly, statistically or physically; printed on paper. Computers process data in a database into information, a database allows users to search information in an organized collection that is useful. In addition to documents, information can be in the form of audio, images, and video. With database software often called database management system (DBMS) users create a computerized database. DBMS users can add, modify, and delete data in the database; create forms and reports from the data in the database. Most organizations realize that data is one of their more valuable assets. At many organizations for example Boutwell and Owens, employees must punch in the building and time clock with magnetic cards encrypted with an assigned number. With the database approach many programs and users share the data in the database. Building accesses are entered into the security’s computer database while managers and owners can also access this information from their computers. The time clock tracks the hours in the Human Resources database for the period of time…
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