Database Analysis : Database Management System

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This research paper is to survey on database environment and development process. Database is an organized collection of logically related data. It consists of tables, queries, views and other objects. Database management system is a software system used for creating and managing databases. It is a collection of programs used to store, modify and extract information from database. It helps users and programmers for creating updating and managing the data in a systematic way. There are many types of database management system ranging from small systems to huge systems that run on personal computers and mainframes.
This research paper provides information some topics on database environment and it also provides how a database is created at each stage in the development process and also on evolution of database management, database system and types, data models, system development life cycle, advantages and disadvantages of database approach.

The world has become a very complex place. From the earliest days of computers, storing and manipulating the data have been a major application focus. There has been enormous growth in the computer and database applications over the past two decades. Database is a group of data which consists of tables, schema, reports and views. Database may be of any size and complexity. For example, a salesperson may maintain a small database of customer contacts which consists of few megabytes in his or her computer. A large
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