Database Analysis : Secure Online Banking System

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Secure Online Banking System

Mukthadir Hussain Choudhury
School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ – 85281 Abstract

This report deals with the development and deployment of a Online Banking System which is highly secure and can be accessed from anywhere by entering the URL The banking system consists of a system administrator, regular bank employees, several individual customers and merchants. The application is https secured and cookies are sent only over SSL/TLS. The other security mechanisms implemented are One-Time Password and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in different functionalities. All the inputs in all the functionalities are validated to prevent XSS attacks, and SQL injection attacks. The details of customers are made not be accessed by bank employees without permission from the user to provide outmost user satisfaction. The application is tested rigorously after addition of each new function for possible failures. The final system is developed as per the functional and non-functional requirements as stated in the requirements document. All the security vulnerabilities and functionality flaws, which were noticed after final deployment by other group members, have been taken care of.

Keywords: OTP, system, customers, security, users, vulnerabilities

1. Introduction

In today’s world, security is of outmost…
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