Database Architecture Vs. Mysql

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Rania Hanna
SDEV 350: Homework 2
Database Architecture Comparison

Oracle 12c vs MySQL
MySQL was used as a comparison to Oracle 12c since my company currently uses MySQL in their database development. My role as a technical writer at my company does not require me to fully understand our database work, but as I move more into a software engineer position, possibly at my current company, I recognize the need to know and relate to the database my company uses.
Architecture of Oracle 12c:

Relational database management systems (RDBMS) have a number of characteristics that make them more efficient and preferred operational choices. One characteristic is the independence of logical data structures as tables, indexes, and views from physical storage structures. Because the logical and the physical structures are separate from each other, physical data storage can be managed and organized without affecting access to logical structures. Renaming a database file, for example, does not rename the tables stored within that database file.

An Oracle database stores Oracle data in file sets within persistent disk storage. Persistent disks are storage devices that function similar to physical disks in a server or desktop. They are used to ensure data redundancy and optimize performance, as they are located independently from the virtual machine instances, which allows for detaching or moving persistent disks. This keeps data available even after instances are deleted.…
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