Database Consolidation Is The Process Of Centralizing And Sharing Of Resources For Multiple Databases

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Database consolidation is the process of centralizing and sharing of resources for multiple databases and instances. As datacenters are increasingly overrun with databases, loaded with essential applications, server sprawl creeps in and continues to sprawl.
Database consolidation is an important aspect of any server consolidation effort and the reining in of escalating server sprawl. Just as virtualization of the datacenter brings cost and management benefits to IT administration, database consolidation contributes many of the same benefits plus a few of its own:
• Saves energy as fewer servers require less heating and cooling
• Saves valuable space as fewer servers have a smaller footprint
• Saves time and money through lower IT
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This does not mean merely evaluating database size and structure, but determining how the new database will support the applications. In the database consolidation, any dependencies the databases expect, such as drive names or external applications, must be carefully reconstructed. Naming conflicts with usernames and passwords must be resolved if the database(s) and/or applications are shareable. Any applications that use the databases will need to be redirected to the new server.
Uptime also becomes a greater concern because more applications will rely on the consolidated server. Each new server performance must match or exceed that of the old database, even under the most strenuous conditions.
This section will discuss the processes, requirements analysis, survey analysis and the approach to database consolidation.
The Processes for database consolidation will include:
• IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for change and configuration management
• Hardware and software standardization
• Automation for provisioning, event management and backups
• Proactive management across platforms
• Security and Account Management
Because databases are core to the business processes and informational needs of the Census Bureau, consolidation must be approached methodically requiring a structured approach during the analysis phase. All relevant information such as the requirements from each database owner, requirements from other stakeholders including

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