Database Enviroment

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A database defines a structure for storing information and it collects information that is organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data. A database can also be thought of as an electronic filing system. Data and information are extracted from a database by creating a query and then submitting it to the query database management system (DBMS) and it is posed in a language that only the DBMS can understand. PROBLEMS AND CONSTRAINTS:
The museum’s current system is efficient but there seems to be some problems with the rights and privileges to the current users. For example, all users currently have the rights to input registration dates for certain
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Artwork Year and Date Made, size, name 2. Artist Name, Artist ID number, Phone number, 3. Price How many Sale Date of purchase, Item Purchases, Cost of Item

Functionality- The data will be used to generate reports and track the inventory that is in the museum as well as facilitate searching and matching of the artist and artwork.
Data Quality- The art museums manager and assistant manager will work to keep the data up to date. The data quality of the art museum is very important to the operation of the business.
Without data quality for the museum it could lead to the loss of cliental, artist, revenue and potential closing of the art museum. Business Rules- There is many business rules that apply to the database. To determine whether a client is considered “active” or “inactive” they should have some type of communication and or contribute artwork to the museum every six months. Certain client’s information is mandatory such as address but we need to have at least their name and two contact numbers. The art museums manager is the only one who has the authority to authorize particular transactions. Classifications –The classification schemes that might be used by the database is alphabetical order or last names first. Data, which is categorized in a meaningful way, is much easier to search, sort and report on.
User Interface-The user interface should look and behave in a simple manor for the user to
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