Database Management System ( Dbms )

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A database management system or DBMS is a certain type of system software, which is used for the creation, and management of databases. A DBMS serves for multiple purposes but is mainly used to provide users and programmers with a systematic way to retrieve, create, manage, and update data. A DBMS serves as an interface between data and its end user, making sure that data is consistently organized and remains easily accessible to users. DBMS’s are vital to several aspects of our technological world and are responsible for the data organization of several thriving industries in this world including banking, airlines, wealth management, manufacturers, credit card companies, and telecommunications. A DBMS is useful for providing a view of data that can be accessed by multiple users, from multiple locations at one time. A DBMS can act as a filter and can limit what a user sees and also sets limits on how that user can view data. Users and programmers are free from having to determine where the data is physically located or on what type of storage media it resides because the DBMS simply deals with all requests. The DBMS can give both logical and physical data independence, which means that it can protect its users or applications from needing to know where data is stored. Although a DBMS benefits several sectors of the world, they are by far most beneficial in business organizations. Thousands of companies depend on accurate recordings, updates, and tracking of their data
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